Chinese tea industry hundred - Limited Zhe Jiang Changxiang tea flagship product level drops tea. Level drops tea ", named after the shape of pearls originating in Shaoxing County, Zhejiang Ping Township; major export varieties of Chinese green tea. Shaoxing County, JI Dong-jin the "Zhejiang Tea township level drops tea" one of the origin, the town has 50,000 acres of quality tea, the annual output of Gunpowder in more than 20 million quintals, Xianei many tea companies Shaoxing County and Xing tea factory is one of the best.

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Caffeine, tea polyphenols, proteins, amino acids, sugars, vitamins, organic compounds, potassium, sodium, magnesium, copper, the composition of the various chemical composition is very coordinated.

Variety Species

Chemistry Nutrition

Black tea

In the process of tea, the chemical reaction of tea polyphenols was studied. The chemical composition of fresh leaves was changed greatly, and the tea polyphenols were reduced by more than 90%, resulting in new ingredients such as theaflavins and theaflavins The Aromatic substances are significantly higher than fresh leaves.


Eyebrow tea

Eyebrow tea, one of the green tea treasures. The shape of the cable tight knot, evenly, gray and green cream, oil, fragrant high-flavor thick. Because of its slender thin as a woman's eyebrows and named.


Pingzhuzhu tea

Pingzhuzhu tea is a unique traditional tea in Zhejiang, from the development of tea from the day, known as the shape of pearls, green color green, fragrant high-flavor alcohol is known for the unique charm of the world.



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Products Division:0575-85771889
Address:Zhejiang Shaoxing City Keqiao District Ji Dong Town Village

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